With the advent of the Internet, today’s software is offered both as a service, Software as a Service (SaaS), and as a product, Software as a Product (SaaP). One solution is not better than the other. The total cost of ownership and the corporate culture decide which is best.


ItemSaaS (We Host)SaaP (You Host)
Annual Support FeesIncluded20% of Software List Price
Application Support ExpertiseHighBased on Internal Resources
Application InstallationWeb BrowserInternal, Local Server Installation
Database LocationRackspace Professional DatacenterInternal
Database Support & BackupsIncludedBased on Internal Resources
Ownership – Software0%100%
Ownership – Data100%100%
IT SupportIncludedBased on Internal Resources
SecurityHighest Standards of Physical SecurityBased on Internal Resources
UpdatesIncludedBased on Internal Resources
Upfront CostsLowHigh

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