“The guys are really pleased with MVP Plant. It’s easy to use and user-friendly.”
Paul Francis, Director of Facilities, Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

“This system is much easier than my other CMMS that I have learned.”
Paul Jones, U-Haul International

“MVP Plant is the best thing we’ve ever done. If you ever need a reference regarding how great MVP Plant is or how great your customer service is, give them my number.”
Bill Hackett, Maintenance Manager, Clyde’s Donuts

“The employees are very eager to implement the new program which is a testament to the trainer and the software.”
Ron Upton, Project Manager, Earth’s Own Food Company

“Making the change from our old software to MVP Plant is like going from riding a dinosaur to driving a Corvette!”
Anonymous, Harcros Organics

“The guys are pretty excited about having a more user-friendly system and also with going with the mobile solution to reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to be done.”
Josh Wagner, Maintenance Manager, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

“Due to its flexibility, we can make MVP Plant do whatever we want it to do and adapt it to our needs.”
Ted Melencheck, CMRP, Maintenance Reliability Supervisor, Cargill

“MVP Plant is a lot easier to use than what we used to have. It’s user-friendly!”
Maria Kile, PM Coordinator, Natural Alternatives International

“I’m extremely impressed with your software and support. Today’s webinar was perfect, informative and to the point. We finally have a system that does something for us.”
Michael Chambers, Plant Supervisor, Franciscan Communities

“I personally couldn’t ask for an easier software to navigate and use. If only change management was as easy as MVP Plant!”
Safe Quality Food (SQF) Coordinator, Major Dairy

“There is always someone there to help us!”
Adam Baldauf, Maintenance Mechanic, U-Haul

“The MVP Plant program has tremendously helped us organize and maintain our facility in a more efficient way. Thanks to MVP Plant, we are able to manage multiple units such as accounting, asset management, inventory, staff management, purchasing and work orders all at once. Moreover, the tech support staff is approachable and professional when assisting us.”
Henry Lopez, Project Director, SouthWest Water Company

“We chose MVP Plant because it incorporates all of Maintenance’s needs into one package. Preventive maintenance (PM) programs, employee history, operation costs, downtime/efficiency reports, parts inventories and much more can all be tracked with a single software program at a single facility or at the corporate/enterprise level.”
Nathan Cottrell, Engineer, Alpha Baking Company

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